OOTD: Lizzie Borden Took an Ax…

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone!

Although today marks a holiday I don’t necessarily believe in celebrating- my office is still closed and I still have to make the best of having a Monday off. My plans today include apple/pumpkin picking with my mother and my niece out in rural Massachusetts, peeping some foliage, and enjoying a lunch outdoors in the beautiful splendor of Autumnal New England!

This time of year, I like to highlight some of the “spookier” pieces in my wardrobe- from Wednesday Addams-inspired tops, dresses with bloody hand prints all over them, and stockings designed to look simply skeletal. It’s a really fun time for fashion in October- and that also includes some unique jewelry, too!

I’m very fortunate in that I have friends and family who understand and encourage my love of all things horror/macabre- so they haven’t blinked twice when I started showing up to get-togethers in recent days with this large Lizzie Borden pendant necklace I had picked up during a Winter visit to her family’s home (now a museum) a couple of years ago! To them, it’s perfectly normal.

Apart from the large brooch featuring Lizzie’s portrait, the necklace also includes a cheeky sterling silver ax/hatchet charm that is noticeable to those who take a long enough glance.

I typically don’t wear this necklace with anything fancy or flashy since it’s big and attention-grabbing enough on it’s own- but it’s a nice addition to my usual October daytime ensembles which consist of (mostly) all black tops, jeans and boots. I aim to look like a vampire as much as possible through Halloween, really.

The necklace is available at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast website (and the inn itself is a pretty fascinating visit if you ever find yourself in Fall River!) which also has a bunch of other really interesting and morbid souvenirs available for purchase. I mean, who wouldn’t want a magnet with crime scene photos of Mr. & Mrs. Borden’s bodies on their refrigerator, right? Definitely a conversation piece for sure.

I have even more oddities to share in the coming weeks, but a local legend seemed like a good place to start when diving into the “Halloween Corner” of my closet!

I’m off to grab coffee and doughnuts (it’s a cheat day!) with my family before we head off to our fun-filled Fall day together. I’ll have plenty of pics to post later on this week- and on Friday I’ve got a pretty quick and easy take on a classic recipe to share with everyone!

Here’s hoping you all have a terrific Monday- and if you’ve got it off from work- make the most of it!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Plaid, Interrupted

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone! We made it to another (long!) weekend!

I’m getting ready to stop by the Indie617 studio to sit down and do a guest spot during their “Morning Glory” show/A.M. block. I’ll be talking new releases, upcoming shows, the 15 year anniversary of ‘Mr. Brightside’ and so much more! You can tune in at the station’s official website or through their App (free for iPhone and Android!) I’m really excited- and I hope my voice doesn’t sound *too* scratchy on-air. I’m not exactly a morning person.

But before I get to it and then head off to work and my plans for this weekend afterwards- I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces for the Summer-to-Fall weather transition we’re presently nearing the end of here in New England. While this may look like a simple knit navy blue sweater pulled on over a red and white plaid shirt- it’s actually a one piece top I picked up at Primark- and also happens to be one of the most comfortable and warm tops I’ve ever worn!

I called on this shirt and a simple pair of denim jeggings and brown, knee-high boots on Monday night to look chic and stay warm during an evening outing to the Bramble Hill Farm in Amherst. Troy had invited me out to watch his dress rehearsal performance in ‘Refugee’, a play he and his cast mates are taking to the Joakim International Theater Festival in Kragujevac, Serbia next week. The rehearsal, within a barn-turned-performance-space on the farm, tends to get chilly at night- but not wanting to load on layers- I knew this sweater/shirt hybrid would be perfect.

And I like attention to detail in my wardrobe, so the perfectly stitched collar and the buttons along the bottom part of the red and white “flannel” part are a cute touch.

A swipe of my matte brown NYX lip gloss and some neutral eye shadow and I was ready to go while looking very Autumn-esque! I also recently got my nails touched up and changed the color from a chocolate brown to a lovely burnt orange shade because, you know- Halloween Queen and all.

I was super cozy and comfortable throughout the hour and forty-five minute performance- which meant I really got to take it all in and enjoy it without distraction. It was brilliant and moving (I definitely teared up at a couple of parts!) I’m so proud of everyone involved and I can’t wait to hear all about the trip after they get back next weekend.

But I’m going to get radio ready and pumped up! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Despite Monday being a holiday and my having the day off from work- I’ll still be posting some content bright and early!


– Ashley –

Favorites: September 2018!

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve made it to the end of another week- and pretty close to the end of another month!

While this week was a short one for me, what with returning from the West Coast and today being my half day at work (until next week, anyway- when my designated half day shifts to Wednesdays for a little while!)– I’m looking forward to the weekend and getting ready to dive into October- the month when I’m at maximum “spooky” power.

I’ll have my look back on September up bright and early this coming Sunday morning before I head out to do some long overdue apple and pumpkin picking- but before I get too ahead of myself- I wanted to share some of the products, purchases, odds and ends that I was coveting and obsessing over these past few weeks.

That’s right- it’s time for my monthly Favorites!

Now, the photogenic products are at a minimum as it was really hard to commit to fashion/accessories/shoes- not only because I was in the desert for a considerable amount of time this month- and also because the temperatures fluctuated so often back here in New England that I never knew what to wear or when! That’s the trickiest thing about September where I live. Summer does everything it can to hold on, while Fall is ready to swoop in and take over!

I digress- there are plenty of other things I enjoyed in September- and they’re all gonna’ get a mention.

Let’s take a look!

When I read that snakeskin was going to have a serious moment this Fall- I couldn’t wait to dive into the trend. Not wanting to go straight for cowboy boots or belts to incorporate the print into my wardrobe- I opted to replace my faux-leather cross-body bag with a faux-snakeskin one from ALDO, instead.

With a braided metal chain and clasp to keep the two spacious pouches within the bag secure- I have been loving this thing, It hangs comfortably, holds the essentials, and matches pretty much everything I own!

I have a feeling is one is going to be getting me through the Spring when it comes time for me to change things up again!

These two products were life savers- especially when I’d left the humidity in Massachusetts and spent time in the dry, dusty climate around Las Vegas during my vacation. It took little to no time at all for my skin, hair, and lips to get dry- but luckily I was prepared!

Knowing fully well that my makeup was going to be running off my face the second I stepped off the plane in Nevada and all that would be left would be dry, patchy skin- I opted for this moisturizing primer from Tarte. Not only did it keep my skin hydrated (even when I was out in the middle of the desert, roasting under the sun!)– but it kept my makeup in place. No touch-ups necessary as I went from day to night mode!

Of course, when it did come time to remove my makeup and turn in for the night- I wanted a sleeping mask that would keep my skin moisturized and bright so I could wake up and go. Enter this glittery, berry-scented and lightweight gel “Unicorn Glow” sleeping mask from Soo Ae Skin Care. After each night I fell asleep with this mask on, I woke up with skin that looked and felt sparkling clean and refreshed. Side note? The packaging is too cute. I’m in love!

And finally, with Fall in full swing- I’ve been gradually phasing out my bright pinks, corals and red lipsticks/lip glosses from the Summer and transitioning into rich nudes and brown tones. I’ve been wearing these two shades (the lighter, “Satin Ribbon” and the darker, “Teddy”) from NYX’s ‘Lip Lingerie’ collection.

These formulas go on smooth and quickly dry to a nice, crease-free matte finish that make my lips look plump and very Autumn-esque. You can keep an eye on my Instagram to see more photos of them up close this coming weekend!

And that’s it for the items/products that could be photographed- but as they say in infomercials- wait, there’s more!


‘The Purge TV’ – I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first turned into this mini-series at the beginning of the month, but it’s been such a wild, dark and twisted ride- and now I’m hooked. The show follows three separate story lines that occasionally intersect on the night of the annual purge (the one night a year where all crime- including murder- is legal) as the characters struggle to survive and face their own morality.

It’s pretty intense- although I loved the candle the network sent me following the premiere!

‘Peppermint’ – I love a good vigilante justice flick, especially when the lead is a female- but seeing Jennifer Garner go from the sweet ‘Capitol One’ spokesperson to a no-nonsense Queen who punches bad guys in the face and blows things up? Count me in. I had so much fun watching this with a friend earlier this month. It was completely unexpected and worth a watch for anyone who likes action movies!


‘Dead By Daylight’ – Although this horror movie-inspired PC game would have been a perfect contribution to my October favorites, I couldn’t wait to add it since my friends and I have been having a blast playing it. In the game, you can choose to be a survivor or the “killer” (and some are based off of classic horror movie baddies)– and you either work with your team to solve puzzles and escape the killer- or you go around and kill the survivors before they can escape.

It’s funny and crazy- and is definitely going to keep me occupied in the coming days when it starts raining again!

‘Hidden Agenda’ – Another group mystery/horror game, this PS4-Smartphone hybrid game (from the company behind ‘Until Dawn’!) allows players to work together to track down a serial killer, or- depending on your motives- sabotage your team. We played this as a group right before I left for the West Coast and it was the best. time. Seriously. Get your friends together and give it a shot!


Maple. Pecan. Everything – Coffee, muffins, candles, etc. I don’t care what it is- if it’s got maple and pecan in it- I’ll eat it or use it to scent my home. Who needs pumpkin spice when this combination is taking over this Fall? I can’t get enough of it!

And I think that’s it, everyone! This month had a lot of fun things I’ll be using well into October- but I’m sure I’ll have some new finds to share, too!

I’m off to finish up some work and enjoy a company luncheon. Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Friday and beginning to your weekend!


– Ashley –

OOTD: For The Birds…

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone!

As you’re reading this, I’m flying across the county to meet my BFF in Henderson, Nevada and embark on a week-long vacation in Las Vegas and San Diego! This post in particular was drafted yesterday- in-between packing and some prior engagements.

One of those prior engagements was my good friend Stef’s bridal shower and brunch earlier in the afternoon at Galliford’s Restaurant in Mendon (right next to Southwick Zoo!) The gathering was so much fun- and thankfully indoors- since it was a lot hotter out than any of us had anticipated!

That’s really the only downside to early/mid September here in New England- the temperatures are pretty unpredictable. Some days are stifling hot, others are brisk and chilly- and it’s hard to decide when it’s appropriate to wear a sun dress or a sweater since it can be raining and cold one minute- and then sunny and sweltering the next!

I opted for this billowy, loose-fitting, button-up chiffon shirt to stay cool (while still looking dressed up) with a cute crane print that I had recently picked up at Primark. I paired it with a simple pair of black slacks and black flats- since I felt the shirt was the focal point of the entire ensemble!

My main goal, of course- was to stay comfortable while I sipped mimosas, nibbled French toast, and ooh’d and aaah’d as Stef opened all the wonderful gifts that had been brought for her as she gets ready to embark on her new ‘Wife Life’ in just a few short weeks (and also while we ironed out the details for her Bachelorette Party!) so this blouse was exceptionally convenient- both outdoors in the sun and inside where we’d retreated to eat and enjoy the air conditioning.

I think my favorite part of this shirt, however- is the black ribbon tie around the high collar. I’d tied it into a loose bow (that thankfully stayed in place all day!) and I thought it completed the look. I felt very prim and proper- even though my friends and I are anything but!

And for those of you wondering how much this cute number was? $10. That’s right- just $10! What a steal, right?

But now, Sin City awaits! I’ll be posting updates from the road- both on here and my social media- throughout the week, so be sure to check in to follow along!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, everyone! Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful week!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Blanket Statement

Good Morning, everyone! Happy Wednesday! Here’s hoping you’re all hanging in there ’til the weekend gets here.

Well, it’s official- Winter is on it’s way. We’ve had a couple of snow flurries over the past couple of days here in Massachusetts- thankfully nothing that has stuck on the roads or anything- but it’s become significantly colder outside with recent temperature drops. Now’s the time to layer on and bundle up with all the frigid-and-frost-proof necessities: heavier jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, wool socks, etc. etc.

Me, on the other hand? I’ve embraced over-sized, bulkier fabrics that can be draped over my regular ensembles and serve as wearable (and fashionable!) blankets/Winter-ready ponchos. This wool, brown and gray checkered number I’ve owned for a couple of years is one of my favorites- because it not only matches so many things in my wardrobe which makes it more versatile to wear out and about- but because it keeps me toasty warm, too.

I posed in this blanket/poncho over the weekend before enjoying a home-cooked meal and a long night of playing board games and Mario Party with some friends that had come over to keep out of the cold. Even though I was outside for a while taking a walk and watching the sunset over the trees- the wool kept my shoulders, arms and torso protected from the elements. I was so comfortable and felt like I really looked chic and appropriate for the incoming season!

Unrelated, but my Smith & Cult “Tenderoni” nail polish (which I included in my October Favorites last month!) matches this blanket/poncho PERFECTLY. It’s like they were made for each other! I wasn’t the only one who noticed, either. More than one person stopped me while I had this on to take a second, closer look at either the material my poncho was made out of or my long-overdue manicure I managed to treat myself to on Saturday morning.

I think this shade is going to carry me through the Winter and into the Spring, honestly. I love it so much.

I’d really like to do another post- soon- to share some of the other variations of this trend/wardrobe staple I have tucked away in my closet. I have so many different color combinations, fabrics and cuts/shapes of wearable blankets/ponchos that I’m looking forward to rocking around town and to work over the next couple of weeks!

‘Til next time. Stay warm out there!


– Ashley –