OOTD: Plaid, Interrupted

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone! We made it to another (long!) weekend!

I’m getting ready to stop by the Indie617 studio to sit down and do a guest spot during their “Morning Glory” show/A.M. block. I’ll be talking new releases, upcoming shows, the 15 year anniversary of ‘Mr. Brightside’ and so much more! You can tune in at the station’s official website or through their App (free for iPhone and Android!) I’m really excited- and I hope my voice doesn’t sound *too* scratchy on-air. I’m not exactly a morning person.

But before I get to it and then head off to work and my plans for this weekend afterwards- I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces for the Summer-to-Fall weather transition we’re presently nearing the end of here in New England. While this may look like a simple knit navy blue sweater pulled on over a red and white plaid shirt- it’s actually a one piece top I picked up at Primark- and also happens to be one of the most comfortable and warm tops I’ve ever worn!

I called on this shirt and a simple pair of denim jeggings and brown, knee-high boots on Monday night to look chic and stay warm during an evening outing to the Bramble Hill Farm in Amherst. Troy had invited me out to watch his dress rehearsal performance in ‘Refugee’, a play he and his cast mates are taking to the Joakim International Theater Festival in Kragujevac, Serbia next week. The rehearsal, within a barn-turned-performance-space on the farm, tends to get chilly at night- but not wanting to load on layers- I knew this sweater/shirt hybrid would be perfect.

And I like attention to detail in my wardrobe, so the perfectly stitched collar and the buttons along the bottom part of the red and white “flannel” part are a cute touch.

A swipe of my matte brown NYX lip gloss and some neutral eye shadow and I was ready to go while looking very Autumn-esque! I also recently got my nails touched up and changed the color from a chocolate brown to a lovely burnt orange shade because, you know- Halloween Queen and all.

I was super cozy and comfortable throughout the hour and forty-five minute performance- which meant I really got to take it all in and enjoy it without distraction. It was brilliant and moving (I definitely teared up at a couple of parts!) I’m so proud of everyone involved and I can’t wait to hear all about the trip after they get back next weekend.

But I’m going to get radio ready and pumped up! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Despite Monday being a holiday and my having the day off from work- I’ll still be posting some content bright and early!


– Ashley –

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