OOTD: Blanket Statement

Good Morning, everyone! Happy Wednesday! Here’s hoping you’re all hanging in there ’til the weekend gets here.

Well, it’s official- Winter is on it’s way. We’ve had a couple of snow flurries over the past couple of days here in Massachusetts- thankfully nothing that has stuck on the roads or anything- but it’s become significantly colder outside with recent temperature drops. Now’s the time to layer on and bundle up with all the frigid-and-frost-proof necessities: heavier jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, wool socks, etc. etc.

Me, on the other hand? I’ve embraced over-sized, bulkier fabrics that can be draped over my regular ensembles and serve as wearable (and fashionable!) blankets/Winter-ready ponchos. This wool, brown and gray checkered number I’ve owned for a couple of years is one of my favorites- because it not only matches so many things in my wardrobe which makes it more versatile to wear out and about- but because it keeps me toasty warm, too.

I posed in this blanket/poncho over the weekend before enjoying a home-cooked meal and a long night of playing board games and Mario Party with some friends that had come over to keep out of the cold. Even though I was outside for a while taking a walk and watching the sunset over the trees- the wool kept my shoulders, arms and torso protected from the elements. I was so comfortable and felt like I really looked chic and appropriate for the incoming season!

Unrelated, but my Smith & Cult “Tenderoni” nail polish (which I included in my October Favorites last month!) matches this blanket/poncho PERFECTLY. It’s like they were made for each other! I wasn’t the only one who noticed, either. More than one person stopped me while I had this on to take a second, closer look at either the material my poncho was made out of or my long-overdue manicure I managed to treat myself to on Saturday morning.

I think this shade is going to carry me through the Winter and into the Spring, honestly. I love it so much.

I’d really like to do another post- soon- to share some of the other variations of this trend/wardrobe staple I have tucked away in my closet. I have so many different color combinations, fabrics and cuts/shapes of wearable blankets/ponchos that I’m looking forward to rocking around town and to work over the next couple of weeks!

‘Til next time. Stay warm out there!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Crime Scene Couture

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone! With Halloween just a few short days away- this weekend is set to be one of my busiest yet! Filled with party-hopping, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, some treat baking and last minute decorating to prepare for Tuesday night’s festivities- I’m going to be moving non-stop over the next 48 hours- and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Halloween is my favorite holiday for a reason, after all!

I’ve been sporting some of my favorite Halloween & Horror-inspired threads and jewelry in recent weeks- and this past week seemed as good a time as any to break out my blood spatter dress from Black Milk Clothing. I picked up this gory number a couple of years ago and it’s become one of my favorite staples to wear to office Halloween parties or when I’m heading out to catch a midnight horror movie marathon with my friends.

The dress is made mostly of polyester, so it’s very comfortable to move around in- and the fabric has a smooth feel and almost shiny appearance at first glance. What makes this dress so fun (to me, anyway!) is that if you look closely enough, you can see the word “HELP” written and bloodied hand prints scattered around the front and back. It’s morbid, for sure- but it always gets people talking whenever I wear it!

It’s been chilly and rainy out these past few days- so I’ve been layering up as much as possible. With this dress, I kept it pretty simple with a pair of black, fleece-lined tights, a faux-leather jacket and black, buckled biker boots. If it were warmer out or if I was wearing this anywhere that I could show some leg- I’d probably pair it with a pair of blood red heels and call it a night.

Add a cherry red lipstick (I’m wearing NARS’ Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg in these photos!) and a swipe of black eye liner and I am pretty much ready to go!

This is one of those ensembles I wish I could wear year-round and have it be appropriate- but alas, Halloween is sadly not a monthly occurrence. Instead, I’ve had a lot of fun getting as much usage out of this dress as I can before I have to tuck it away in a storage bin until next October rolls around.

And so, I’ve got to finish up some work for today. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! I’m looking forward to sharing my costumes (yes, I’ve got more than one to wear this year!), my monthly favorites- and my look back and this positively de-FRIGHT-ful October in my posts next week.

See you all then!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Witchy Woman

I’ve owned this little black, back-less dress since high school- where I first wore it to a Honor Society dinner and caused quite a commotion when some of the teachers in attendance (and a few of my more conservative peers) thought that the cut of it was a little too risque for a formal event. At the time- I was offered a cardigan to cover up with.

It still fits perfectly, but since then- I typically only wear this out and about around Halloween- since it has a bit of a “witchy” vibe to it. Sure, a lot of it may be because of the way that I dress it up with black leggings/tights, knee-high boots, my go-to wide-brimmed hat and a piece of spooky statement jewelry- but I think the way the fitted bodice transforms into layers of tulle cut at different lengths has something to do with it, too. There’s just something about the silhouette this gives me that makes me feel like I just stepped out of a scene from “The Craft”.

And I always show off my back in it. No more cardigans for me!

For not having usual straps (the ones on this little number wrap around my shoulders at the most peculiar angle and in the oddest way)– this dress is still pretty comfortable. It’s been warm and humid outside in recent weeks- so it was nice to have something so light and breezy to walk around in, like during this past weekend while I was out with some friends and taking some photographs up at my favorite haunt- pun intended- Medfield State Hospital. The eerie scenery had me feeling especially festive.

And for that aforementioned spooky statement jewelry? I knew right away I wanted to wear my blackened steel Edgar Allan Poe pendant necklace from Fable and Fury– a gift from years ago that I still absolutely love and wear all the time throughout the month of October. Paired with a oxblood red lipstick and a smoldering smoky eye? You’ve got a bewitching look that can be pulled off effortlessly during post-office cocktails AND that Halloween party you were invited to and forgot about until the last possible second.

I’m so ready to rock this again this coming weekend- but I’ve got a few more tricks (and treats) in my closet that I’m just DYING to share, too!

Okay, I’ll stop with the bad Halloween puns. I promise.

We’re almost near the weekend, everyone! Hang in there!


– Ashley –

Favorites: September 2017!

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone! This past week has been so insanely busy that I just can’t wait until 4:30 p.m. when I can leave my office for the day, head over to my mom’s house with my older brothers, sisters-in-law, and my niece to have our big bi-weekly family meal together- and get ready for a nice, relaxing weekend- which will include a few laid-back Autumn activities, of course!

Although my look back on the overall month of September will be up tomorrow morning (my “In a Nutshell” posts always get published on the last day of each month!)– I wanted to share some of my favorite products, entertainment, and miscellaneous odds and ends that I really enjoyed these past few weeks. Yes, there are a few pumpkin-related things on the list- this is me we’re talking about, after all- but there’s some other good stuff, too!

First up- here are some of the products/items/splurges that made September even more fun for me!

It should come as no surprise- since it’s been all over Blondie Birdie and my social media accounts since I purchased it near the beginning of this month- that my brown faux-leather, cross-body saddlebag from Old Navy has quickly become one of my favorite Fall accessories. I carry it with me everywhere, it matches pretty much everything in my wardrobe this season (I wear a lot of browns, reds and golds this time of year!)– and it holds the essentials. Also- it has a pretty cute tassel on it that gives it a little bit of character and is nearly identical to ones on a pair of moccasins I’ve been sporting lately.

As a lover of both Bath & Body Works AND enjoying a glass of wine in my bathtub from time to time- I was really excited that the brand recently announced that they were getting in on the bath bomb craze that Lush has pretty much had in the bag for years. That’s not to say I don’t love Lush and their products (they’re one of my favorites!) but B&BW’s “Bath Fizzies” are a little less expensive than Bath Bombs but are just as great. I’ve been loving their Pumpkin Cupcake-scented one lately (and you bet I buy these things in bulk!) because not only does it make my skin and hair smell like a pumpkin spice and vanilla cake- but it moisturizes and conditions, too.

Plus, they’re just so much fun to throw in the tub and watch it change the water different colors!

Keeping up with great products from Bath & Body Works- how incredible are their candles? Although they don’t last as long as, say- Yankee Candle products- they always smell AMAZING and can fill an entire room with the most unique (and sometimes mouthwatering) fragrances. “Leaves” is one of my favorites this time of year- because it’s just a fantastic combination of apple, cinnamon, spices and clove. If you could bottle all of the best things about Fall in one jar- “Leaves” would be it. I always pick up more than one when I go shopping to keep in my kitchen, my bathroom, my bedroom, etc.

When Rihanna first began teasing the launch of her new makeup line- Fenty– earlier this month- I wasn’t sure what to expect. There have been some celebrity-backed brands in the past that have left myself and plenty of other people disappointed (I still don’t get the obsession with the Kylie Jenner stuff, honestly- but maybe that’s just me!)– but the first reviews were overwhelmingly positive and it looked like Rihanna had approved an impressively wide range of shades and colors for a multitude of different skin tones and complexions. I caved and picked up a couple of things- and I’m so glad I did because I have been loving the results!

This “GIRL NEXT DOOR/CHIC PHREAK” Killawatt highlighter is giving me life right now- and makes me glow and sparkle even on the days when I’m exhausted. I wear it on my lids, my cheeks, and as a contour to freshen my face up for work and after-hours. Best of all? It’s reasonably priced. No more buyer’s remorse for overpriced products that don’t work!

Finally- has there ever been a shirt that sums me up so well? This soft cotton jersey-esque top was an impulse buy a couple of weeks ago and has been giving me, my friends and co-workers a good laugh whenever I wear it out and about. I’m actually planning on sporting it this weekend when I make a planned trip to a pumpkin patch outside of the city- because why not, right? Keep an eye out for it on my social media!

And I think that’s it for the products I really enjoyed throughout September- but there’s a few other things that made my Favorites List, too!


“It” – I remember when I was a kid, my dad read this Stephen King novel cover to cover- only to have nightmares for a few days after he’d finished it. Something being that scary to temporarily traumatize the bravest man I knew was unheard of- so naturally when I was old enough to watch the 1990 mini-series- I went into it expecting the worst- only to be left… Well, not that scared. At all (sorry, Tim Curry! I still love you!) Since then, I’ve read the novel- and although I’m not a particular fan of remakes or the re-imagining of original stories- I always felt like “It’ deserved the Hollywood treatment to really make it worthy of the hype that has surrounded it for so many years.

Well, earlier this month- it got just that. I’ve seen “It” twice in theaters now and I absolutely love it. It’s scary, funny, sad, and- at times- sweet. It’s also perfectly cast. It’s impossible NOT to become emotionally invested in each of the characters. I can’t wait for the sequel in 2019- and I’m already dedicating my Halloween costume this year to the most terrifying scene in the book- and the movie!

The Killers – “Wonderful Wonderful” – It’s been five years since The Killers dropped ‘Battle Born’ on us- so having a brand new album this month felt like getting a surprise visit from old friends for the first time in a long time. I adore this band- always have, always will- and I’ve been listening to WW on heavy rotation since it’s release last week (I also caught a snippet of their set in NYC last weekend- which I’ll get into during my post tomorrow!) It’s a great assortment of head-bopping, sing-along “fun” songs and those pretty, uplifting kinda’-sorta’ballads these boys seem to like so much.

Their upcoming tour should be a lot of fun.

And I think that’s it for my September Favorites. Just a small collection of things I’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more things to share in October!

Enjoy your Friday, everybody!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Woodland Creature

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone!

When it comes to style and comfort in the Fall- one of my go-to ensembles is typically a pair of flattering skinny jeans, a nice and loose-fitting sweater, and sturdy boots (which I actually posted about not that long ago!) but sometimes- like this past weekend, for example- I need to put something together that can beat both the leftover soaring Summer temperatures that are still lingering around here while simultaneously allowing me to combat the rain that has traveled my way from this most recent round of hurricanes and tropical storms that made their way up the coast.

Enter this lightweight and breezy olive green mini-dress I picked up around this time last year while preparing for a week-long stay that split my time between Las Vegas and San Diego. The fabric it’s made from- ridiculously soft and wrinkle-proof- helps me stay warm (but not too warm) while my trusty knee-high, faux-leather brown boots keep my feet dry when I’m stepping through puddles on my way into the office.

If it’s colder outside- I typically wear leggings with this outfit- but since it’s been unusually (and stifling) hot out these past few days- I’ve gone bare-legged. One of my co-workers who saw me in this last week told me that I looked like Link from “Legend of Zelda”- which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right?

“It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This!”

Regardless of whether or not I look like an elf on a mission- This is another Autumn-esque outfit I love to wear before it gets too cold outside for me to show much skin. It could be considered another transitional outfit between seasons- but it’s also easy enough to dress up or down year-round depending on the occasion it’s being worn for.

Not pictured? My brown saddlebag- which is pretty much glued to me at this point- but since I’ve shown it plenty of times across social media, I thought I could put it down for a few minutes while I posed for photos (it makes me look more like Link, anyway!)


– Ashley –