OOTD: For The Birds…

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone!

As you’re reading this, I’m flying across the county to meet my BFF in Henderson, Nevada and embark on a week-long vacation in Las Vegas and San Diego! This post in particular was drafted yesterday- in-between packing and some prior engagements.

One of those prior engagements was my good friend Stef’s bridal shower and brunch earlier in the afternoon at Galliford’s Restaurant in Mendon (right next to Southwick Zoo!) The gathering was so much fun- and thankfully indoors- since it was a lot hotter out than any of us had anticipated!

That’s really the only downside to early/mid September here in New England- the temperatures are pretty unpredictable. Some days are stifling hot, others are brisk and chilly- and it’s hard to decide when it’s appropriate to wear a sun dress or a sweater since it can be raining and cold one minute- and then sunny and sweltering the next!

I opted for this billowy, loose-fitting, button-up chiffon shirt to stay cool (while still looking dressed up) with a cute crane print that I had recently picked up at Primark. I paired it with a simple pair of black slacks and black flats- since I felt the shirt was the focal point of the entire ensemble!

My main goal, of course- was to stay comfortable while I sipped mimosas, nibbled French toast, and ooh’d and aaah’d as Stef opened all the wonderful gifts that had been brought for her as she gets ready to embark on her new ‘Wife Life’ in just a few short weeks (and also while we ironed out the details for her Bachelorette Party!) so this blouse was exceptionally convenient- both outdoors in the sun and inside where we’d retreated to eat and enjoy the air conditioning.

I think my favorite part of this shirt, however- is the black ribbon tie around the high collar. I’d tied it into a loose bow (that thankfully stayed in place all day!) and I thought it completed the look. I felt very prim and proper- even though my friends and I are anything but!

And for those of you wondering how much this cute number was? $10. That’s right- just $10! What a steal, right?

But now, Sin City awaits! I’ll be posting updates from the road- both on here and my social media- throughout the week, so be sure to check in to follow along!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, everyone! Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful week!


– Ashley –

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