My Summer Makeup Routine!

Good Morning and Happy Thursday, everyone!

Before we get ready to launch into Friday and I break for the weekend (the posting schedule will return to normal next week!) I wanted to try a little something different by introducing a new series of posts I’ll be sharing quarterly for my fellow makeup lovers out there!

Here in New England, the seasons change (drastically) every few months- and with those changes, I also mix up my skincare and hair care regimen to keep up- but my makeup changes pretty often, too! In the Fall/Winter I’m into darker shades and bolder looks, whereas in the Spring/Summer I like to keep it as light and as natural as possible.

Now that we’re in the final stretch of Summer, I thought I’d share the products that I wear on an every day basis. Lightweight, loaded with SPF, and as sweat and humidity-proof as I can get- this is my early A.M. routine for work each morning, for errands on the weekends, and when I’m heading out on the town (although depending on the occasion, I might add a little bit of nude eye shadow or gold eyeliner to look a little more dramatic.)

Here’s what I do after my skin care and a base coat of moisturizer with SPF 50:

Found BB Cream: With natural ingredients and extra moisturizing benefits, I apply this creamy, non-pore-clogging BB cream with sheer-to-moderate coverage with a brush since a sponge/blender tends to absorb more of the product than I’d like. I use the lightest shade in Found’s collection, which is pretty close to my natural skin tone (even with a bit of a tan!) and is super easy to blend to avoid unsightly lines or discolorations.

I’m left with natural looking coverage that keeps my skin hydrated and doesn’t sink into my pores or fine lines. I love this stuff!


Too Faced “Born This Way” Setting Powder: After I’ve got my foundation and my concealer where I want it, I dust a bit of this translucent setting powder on the areas where I get the most oily (particularly my T-zone and along my hair line) to keep shine at bay and my makeup/moisturizer/SPF from melting off my face the second I step into that hot and humid Massachusetts weather!

What I love best about this powder, apart from the fact that it gives great coverage- is that it also makes my skin look luminous- like I’m radiating with a healthy, natural glow!


Maybelline’s Master Chrome Highlighter: My secret weapon for this Summer- a sweep of this metallic highlighter (I use “Molten Gold”) along my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, my chin, and my temples- and I’ve got *the* nicest sunkissed look around in seconds. There’s a swatch of it below!

I seriously wish this product had been around back in my early twenties when I was one of many casualties to fall victim to unflattering and way-too-orange bronzers. This stuff is amazing and makes me legitimately light up the room when I walk in!


MILK Makeup’s KUSH High Volume Mascara: This cannabis oil-infused mascara made my “Favorites” list for the month of July, and for good reason! I can skip eye shadows and eyeliners all together whenever I apply a couple of swipes of this conditioning, thickening mascara- because it makes my eyes pop naturally- and it stays in place!

Even with the rising temperatures and occasional thunderstorms- I like that this mascara doesn’t end up running all over my face or smudging like crazy!


Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick (in Chili Pepper): Another “Favorites” item from July! This bright red/orange matte lip color has become my staple shade for Summer 2018-and the long-lasting (but non-drying!) formula can survive my morning coffee, my mid-morning snack, and most of my lunch before I have to re-apply. At $14 a tube, this is pretty much a steal given how fantastic it stays in place!

I have a feeling I’ll be looking into the more deep brown/red shades in this formula once Fall is here.


And those are my Summer makeup staples this year! Not overly complicated- but just the right amount of shine and color to keep things interesting!

If you have any Summer makeup you’d like to share, or any products that you’re loving this time of year- feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line! I’m always looking for recommendations!

And now, it’s time for me to get to work. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and a spectacular weekend! I’ll see you again on Monday!


– Ashley –

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