A Slice of Heaven…

Good Morning and Happy (Ugh…) Monday, everyone!

When it comes to day trips, road trips, vacations, etc.- I consider myself pretty spontaneous and open to trying/visiting new places/people/attractions. I’m not married and I don’t have kids- so it’s not like failing to adhere to a strict schedule is going to result in a backseat meltdown or anything.

My original plan on Saturday morning was to head down to Boston Harbor and catch the earliest ferry to photograph some of the lighthouses sitting on the edge of the Harbor Islands- but when I sat up in bed and saw how foggy out it was- I knew I’d need a backup plan. I’m always a little weary of being on a boat in low-visibility conditions- and trying to take good pictures of the lighthouses when they were blanketed in rain wasn’t exactly my idea of an “ideal Saturday morning.”

I suddenly realized that the weather would give me an advantage if I headed down to Mystic, Connecticut bright and early. The last time I had tried to spend a beautiful afternoon in the popular tourist town- finding parking or sidewalk space to walk was near impossible. Never afraid of a little rain and drizzle- I figured I’d have the town to myself to shop, dine and explore!

No sooner had I arrived there, found prime parking on Main Street (which is like winning the lottery)– and exited my car to browse some of the local shops- when the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and stayed out for the remainder of my time there.

After grabbing an iced latte from one of my favorite cafes in the area, Bartleby’s– I spent the mid-afternoon strolling the pier on the waterfront, watching boats pass and the drawbridge in the center of town go up and down to allow the bigger ships to make their way through. There were plenty of sidewalk sales happening once the weather cleared up- so I managed to browse goods by some of the local shops in the area like Tidal River Clothing Co., Trove (for the fella’), and Sea Bags.

When I started getting hungry, I was able to find a seat against the counter at Mystic Pizza (the same one from the 1988 Julia Roberts movie of the same name) and enjoy a slice of cheese pizza- which was everything I’d hoped for and more. Naturally, I had to take a photo of my slice- and the famous sign outside- before I headed back towards my car.

I left Mystic just in time, since a late-afternoon storm had started to come towards the area. My drive back was filled with lightning, thunder and rain- but overall I had a really nice day in one of the most charming coastal towns in New England.

I’m still recovering from my friend’s Summer Slam party last night (and I’ll have the photos from that adventure up a little later on this week)– but for now I’ve got to ease my way into my Monday morning routine and focus on getting some work done since this week is looking like it’s going to be a pretty busy one.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone! Let’s get through this one together!


– Ashley –

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