OOTD: In The Navy…

Good Morning, Happy Friday- and Happy Friday The 13th, everyone!

Before I finish up early at work, head out to stock up on bug spray and snacks, and venture out into the woods for an overnight Jason Vorhees-inspired camp out to commemorate this most creepy of dates with some friends- I wanted to share one of my favorite Summertime pieces that was under $10! Yes, you read that right- under $10!

This navy blue, cotton, strapless dress- courtesy of Primark– was unsurprisingly intended to be a bikini cover-up. But, when the temperatures soar and I want to be able to be out and about without sweating through or sticking to fabrics- this little number comes in handy!

This dress is lightweight and stops mid-thigh, making it easy to accessorize with sandals/flats without having to worry about it getting even shorter. I also love the crocheting around the mid-section, which makes this look super flattering!

I wore this dress this past weekend during my afternoon excursion to Georges Island- and paired it with a simple tan Panama hat and comfortable navy and white striped flats to make maneuvering around Fort Warren and the surrounding beach a little easier and safer.

And, as usual- I framed my face with my favorite pair of cat-eye shades from Quay Sunglasses! I was comfortable (even when exploring a spooky abandoned fort) and looked ready to go from beach-to-yacht-to-seaside-dinner in no time at all!

If I’m wearing this dress out at night, I tend to wear a little more bling with it to make it feel a bit more fancy- and if I’m feeling more daring- I’ll skip the flats/sandals and go with a modest wedge heel that isn’t too high.

But for under $10- this dress was a great buy that gets a ton of use in the hotter months!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Friday and a ton of fun this coming weekend! If you’re superstitious- be extra careful today. And, if you’re not superstitious- try not to wander into any abandoned Summer camps anyway, okay? You never know what (or who) is lurking out there!

See you all on Monday!


– Ashley –

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