OOTD: Talking Body(suit)

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Admittedly, this work week has been brutal- and I can’t wait for it to be over so I can dive into my weekend plans and get geared up for July (and the Fourth Festivities!) but I’ve got to hang in there for just a couple more days, first- as exhausting as it seems right now!

But instead of wallowing, and before I attempt to get into Boss Bitch mode here in my office- I wanted to share what has become one of my favorite wardrobe staples for this Summer. Surprisingly comfortable, versatile, and easy to dress up (or down, depending on the occasion)– I’m really feeling one-piece bodysuits lately.

Not to be confused with one-piece swimsuits, bodysuits are usually made with lighter fabrics and can be embellished with fringe, tassels, bedazzled jewels, funky straps, zippers, etc. I’ve grown quite a collection in recent weeks (and after multiple visits to Primark)– and the striped one shown above has a pretty daring zipper on the front that goes down quite a ways when unzipped. I call it my “Cleavage Control Contraption”.

I typically wear these with high-rise shorts and statement earrings or over-the-top bracelets/rings- which sort of gives me the same 1970s vibes my mother had going for her when she was my age. Between the one-piece, my round sunglasses, and the beachy waves I rocked all weekend- I felt like I was channeling my inner Penny Lane and was ready to hop into the nearest functioning VW Bus to follow a band on tour around the country.

The only thing that didn’t really fit into the ’70s theme of this outfit were the sparkling slide sandals- because my feet had been killing me from the night before and I chose comfort and functionality over style when I put this together- but they’re still pretty cute, I think. Right? Someone back me up on this.

I plan on showing some of my other bodysuits in my upcoming ‘Favorites’ post for the month of June- but this striped one is definitely one of my go-to’s when I’m heading out and about for a day off!

But now I’ve got to get some work done and prepare myself for today’s meetings and errands. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!


– Ashley –

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