OOTD: Americana

Every year- without fail- I bust out this fitted red, white and blue sun dress that I picked up on a sales rack at Macy’s in my early twenties to wear at some point during the Fourth of July weekend. It’s been spotted at the beach, at fireworks displays, and at patriotic bar crawls (which are a real thing around here- I swear.) This year, this dress was my go-to during a friend’s cookout over the weekend.

I don’t own a lot of patriotic clothing, save for a couple of Captain America t-shirts and tank tops- so it’s nice to have something pretty, festive (without being over the top) and feminine to wear on hot and humid days.

The red and white striped form-flattering bodice of the dress zips up the front, so it’s easy to take the dress from day to night in a flash (you know what I’m talking about- I’m talking about showing a little bit of cleavage. Nothing crazy- just a little bit!) which is especially helpful if I’m trying to even out my tan lines while I’m outdoors for any great length of time.

The skirt, made from navy eyelet fabric- is flowy and comfortable. If I’m going to be participating in any outdoor activities (frisbee and highly competitive badminton are pretty common among my friends)– I usually wear navy shorts under the skirt, too. Just in case I take a dive and don’t want anyone seeing what else I’m wearing underneath this thing!

For shoes this year, I traded in flip flops or my usual nude wedge sandals for these super comfortable (and also semi-patriotic) pair of blue and white striped flats from Primark– no surprise there. I usually try to include one piece of Americana jewelry with this ensemble but I think the shoes and the bodice are enough of a combination where matching accessories aren’t really a necessity- and not being weighed down with bangles or necklaces helps me stay more limber when I’m active, too!

A good red lipstick was all I needed for an extra pop of color on my complexion- and I was good to go! (The shade I used is MAC’s “Como La Flor” red from their Selena-inspired collection- in case anyone was wondering!)

I’m hoping those of you celebrating here in the States have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July- filled with plenty of fireworks, perfectly prepared potato salad and clear, sunny skies!


– Ashley –

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