Odds and Ends…

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone! We made it!

Before I launch into my half day at work and kick-start my weekend nice and early, I thought I’d post about a bit of blog maintenance I’ve been performing over the past few days. I like to clean things up every few months in terms of my layout, pages, and links- and it’s always good to let visitors know what’s new or changed so they don’t get lost along the way!

In layout news, I’ve de-cluttered my sidebar a bit so you’re all not bombarded with my social media posts- and put my Instagram feed along the bottom of the page to free up some space.

I’ve also updated my “CONTACT” page with some new links for those looking to connect across various platforms (like BlogLovin!)

And I’ve made it a bit easier to e-mail me directly by clicking the icon at the very, tippy-top of my main page. I know a couple of people had reached out because it wasn’t working 100%. Don’t worry- it’s been fixed!

I think that’s everything! Blondie Birdie should be looking nice and organized, and running smoothly again!

I’ll be back to posting my regularly-scheduled content next week. Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


– Ashley –

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