Win A Set Of Enamel Pins From Old English Company!

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here’s hoping you’re all hanging in there ’til the weekend!

What better way to kick off the month of May then by sharing a contest where you could win something really cute and participation is incredibly easy? Pretty great, right?

One of my favorite things to collect- apart from expanding my ever-growing assortment of keychains from around the world- are enamel pins that I use to accessorize my denim jacket, my bag, sneakers, etc. I love finding ones that are not only eye-catching, but that I feel reflect who I am and what my personality is like. I have plenty of ones related to tacos and pizza, a couple that resemble the likeness of musicians/artists I like, and more than one ‘Broad City’ reference.

And now, I want to help one lucky individual start and/or expand their own pin collection, too! Old English Company– who design some of the cutest clothing, bedding, stationary and art prints ever- are hosting a contest to win a set of their lovely and funny enamel pins! Entering the contest is super easy- and will only take a couple of minutes!


And if you’d like to browse some of the other super cute pins Old English Company has to offer, CLICK HERE!

Good luck to everyone who enters! If you do, you’ll have to show me how you use the pins to complete your look!

And thanks to Old English Company for putting together such a nice contest for the Spring!

And now, I’m off to enjoy a “Just Because” day in the city this morning/afternoon since the weather is absolutely perfect.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Image via Old English Company


– Ashley –

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