“Lilac wine is sweet and heady…”

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope those of you who celebrated Easter had a lovely one- and those who didn’t had a wonderful weekend anyway! I spent most of my Sunday afternoon with my family at dinner, but I’ll get into those stories and photos a little later on this week. Today, before I jump right into my case load at the office- I wanted to talk about this season’s trendiest color and some of the ways I’ve been incorporating it into my Spring ensembles/makeup without going completely overboard.

That color? Lilac! Maybe one of the most feminine and universally flattering shades to break through all the pinks and peach tones that are typically seen around this time of year. The great thing about Lilac, apart from how light and bright it looks- is that it also compliments many of the prints/patterns that start to make their annual comebacks throughout April and May- like florals and pastels. It also goes well with darker shades (for those still clinging to some of their Winter wear- I feel you!) and on-trend metallic pieces.

And as much as lilac makes my blue eyes pop or my dirty blonde hair stand out when placed side by side- I try not to overdo it. Too much of the shade all at once can make me look like an extra-terrestrial or someone getting ready to go dance under the blacklights at a seedy club (probably one that has foam parties or something). Not exactly a good look.

Instead, I stick to one, typically subtle Lilac-hued makeup product- and match it to an accessory- like a clutch or a bracelet- or article of clothing (as in a floral-printed blouse or a cute kitten heel.)

In the photo above, I’m wearing Sephora’s Colorful Shadow & Liner stick in ‘Lilac Shimmer’. This waterproof, long-lasting formula applies and blends easily- almost with a cream-like texture- but it then dries to a powder finish and catches the light on my lids just right to give me a beautiful and bright glow all day.

If I’m feeling particularly daring (usually on the weekends)– I take the lilac to my lips with Sephora’s #Lipstories Lipstick in the shade ‘Trippin’. This creamy matte formula- that never dries out or flakes off- is such an unexpected and fun way to wear this color while making a bold and fearless statement that I’m not afraid to wear more than just nudes or pinks on my pout.

With the lipstick, I keep the rest of my makeup as minimal as possible- a swipe of mascara and a little bit of concealer. The lips do the rest of the talking for me, I think.

In regards to lilac accessories- I find that less is more. A pair of simple earrings. A bangle bracelet- or, as shown below- stacked rings that incorporate the color and some sparkle. I love these flower and “diamond” ones I picked up at Old Navy while I was grabbing some new gym attire a couple of weeks ago.

I even painted my nails a sparkling shade of lavender- the other big color of the season- to look even more ready for the Spring! The shade, a powder dip by NuGenesis- is called ‘NL-08: Bridal Party’. It will last me- without chipping or peeling- until May. I’m never going back to regular nail polish or gel polish ever again.

Finally, while I love a good heel- I also needed some sensible flats for the Spring and didn’t want to back myself into a corner by purchasing a one-toned shoe that only matches certain things. So, it was a bit of a small miracle when I stumbled upon these floral, multi-colored and pointed toe flats- also from Old Navy- that match SO many things in my wardrobe and also include lilac in small measurements.

I wear these with my work outfits, or with jeans, or dresses, etc. and they match it all. Best of all? Not only were they affordable but they’re so comfortable, too! My feet don’t ache or feel like they’re being squeezed in these things- even when I have them on all day!

Expect these to make an appearance in an OOTD post soon!

Do you have any lilac pieces/accessories/makeup products that you’ve been sporting lately? Anything on the market that may have been added to your wish list for the Spring? I’d love to hear about them!

But now I’m off to get my work week started and prepare to argue with Attorneys (as detailed in my job description.)

Enjoy your Monday, everybody!


– Ashley –

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