My Favorite Makeup Trends for Spring 2018!

Good Morning, everyone!

Although it doesn’t particularly feel like it or look like it outside right now- Spring is officially here- and with the new season comes embracing and celebrating the latest colors, prints, textures and trends in fashion, accessories, styling and makeup.

I’ve been gradually transitioning into less heavy outerwear (when the weather permits, of course) and slowly but surely working my way out of multiple layers upon layers now that my office and various establishments around the city are starting to lay off the indoor heating a little bit. My boots are beginning to be replaced by flats and heels again. My knit beanies and berets have all but turned into wider-brimmed “Festival Friendly” hats- and my usual darker, neutral-toned tops and trousers are getting ready to go into hibernation while more flowing, breezy fabrics with brighter, bolder shades/designs take their rightful place in the spotlight.

And while I’m so excited to share some of my Spring wardrobe in the coming weeks- it’s this season’s makeup trends I want to talk about today!

I’m all about standing out this Spring. Winter was a pretty tame, subdued season for me in the Cosmetics department. A swipe of mascara here, a matte nude lipstick there- and the faintest of flushes brushed across my cheekbones- but it has been a long, cold and dreary Winter and I am ready to break out of the ordinary and have some fun with the unexpected over the next few months!

Of course, before I can get started with metallic lipsticks or neon eyeliners- I have to set the stage for my look- and picking the right foundation is key. It’s a slippery slope to fall down if you haven’t done your homework when trying to locate a foundation that not only matches your skin tone (I was pretty much orange-colored for most of my teens until I got help by a professional makeup artist at my mother’s urging)– but one that also addresses any skin concerns you may have, too! Acne? Fine lines? Dryness or rosacea? There’s a base out there just waiting for you to find it and have your life changed by it!

If you need some help picking a foundation, and the idea of getting swatched at Sephora is a little overwhelming (I totally get it)– then a really great resource to help you get started can be located over here at Reviews-Dot-Com. With over 700+ foundations tried and tested, ingredients carefully researched, and formulas’ longevity put to the test- the contributors behind Reviews narrowed down the market to a handful of really great liquid and powder formulas- both on the high end of the price range and the more affordable drug store brands, too.

Even more convenient is that Reviews-Dot-Com makes it easy to click your desired shade and purchase the formula of your choosing directly from their website, too. You don’t have to have 40+ tabs open all at once while you’re researching brands and attempting to buy the base you want. It’s all right there!

Once you’ve got your proper foundation applied and blended- then it’s time to have some fun. Here are some of the makeup trends for 2018 I’ve been integrating into my every day look- both in and out of the office!

Eye Gloss: For those mornings when you want your eyes to pop, but don’t want to spend 20 minutes blending your shadow. Meet Eye Gloss- the one-step product to give your eyelids a shiny, reflective sheen that doesn’t feel wet or sticky to the touch. In a variety of universally flattering and light-catching shades, this product is perfect for a flawless, effortless look for your next Spring picnic or Easter dinner with the family. [BUY IT HERE]

Blue Eyeliner: Whoever said people with blue eyes shouldn’t wear blue liner was- let’s be real- a stick in the mud and probably not very fun or adventurous at all. I love blue liner, especially on the cobalt side- and if anything- it makes my eyes pop something fierce. I’ve been sporting Sephora’s Contour Eye Pencil – 12 hour wear in the shade ‘My Boyfriend’s Jeans’ lately [BUY IT HERE]

Pops of Lilac: Whether it’s eyeliner, lipstick/gloss or a tinted mascara- lilac is *the* shade of the season and I couldn’t be happier since it compliments pretty much everyone. I’ve been savoring little hints of it via shimmery eye shadow, like the ‘Blackberry Frost’ duo from Clinique- which is super pigmented, long-lasting and makes for a really great and unique-looking smokey eye. [ BUY IT HERE ]

Metallic/Iridescent Lipsticks: Winters are all about mattes, and Summer is all about tinted and moisturizing balms- but for me- Spring is all about cool metallics in unique shades with pink, purple or red undertones. My favorite lately is Tarte’s “Yacht Week”- an iridescent and sparkly orchid that stands out from across the room. I wore the shade on my most recent trip to NYC and I continually got stopped on the street by people who wanted to know what color it was. [ BUY IT HERE ]

I’ll be posting some pics on my Instagram in the coming days featuring some of these trends/favorites and how I incorporate them with my Spring wardrobe- so keep an eye out!

Do you have any Spring makeup/fashion trends you’re looking forward to experimenting with or showing off now that the season is finally here? I’d love to hear about ’em- so feel free to drop me a comment!

But I’m off to get some work done at the office. Enjoy the rest of your week- and your weekend- everyone! I’ll be back next week!


– Ashley –

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