OOTD: The Gold Standard

Good Morning, everyone!

I’m not going to lie- yesterday was the third major snowstorm/blizzard that hit us head-on within a two week span- and it’s got me a little bummed out. I’m tired of shoveling. I’m tired of sliding around on ice. I’m tired of having to wear 13 layers to stay warm- and I’m anxiously waiting for Spring to get here and more importantly- STAY here.

Little by little, I’ve been trying to incorporate Spring-inspired trends into my wardrobe and accessories to brighten my outfits and my mood. Pastels, bold prints, some florals- and especially metallics- which I’ve been utilizing within my clothes and my makeup as of late.

My favorite piece right now is this gold moto jacket I actually found at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago by sheer luck. I’d popped by the store to find a couple of t-shirts for when I work out- and noticed this gem hanging behind some semi-similar styled black leather jackets on the rack. It fits like a glove, is lined to keep me warm when I’m outdoors- and it is so shiny!

What I like best about it, though- is that it can be worn with both casual outfits- like jeans, t-shirts and ankle boots- or with fancier/professional ensembles. The black knitted mini-dress shown in the photo is one of my staples at the office this time of year- so the jacket gives it a nice, fun and unexpected pop!

While I’ve been keeping my eye makeup pretty subtle lately (mainly for work)– I’ve opted to keep up with the metallic trend on my lips. The shade above- a pink/purple sheen- is ‘Yacht Week’ by Tarte. It’s quickly become one of my favorite shades for the Spring- so expect to see a lot more of it in my social media posts/selfies (like this one!)

With the recent onslaught of Winter storms- I’ve unfortunately had to put this jacket on hold until the weather warms up again- but I’m really looking forward to wearing more of it in the coming weeks since it’s one of my most impressive and least regrettable impulse buys recently.

And now I’m off to work to catch up on the tasks I missed yesterday during our mandatory snow day- as well as some ‘Hump Day’ lunch plans!

Here’s to warmer days ahead and the weekend getting here a little sooner!


– Ashley –

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