Long, Lazy Weekends…

Vermont (2/18/18)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope those of you who had an extended weekend enjoyed it- and for anyone who had to work- I hope it was as stress-free as possible and painless for you!

It’s been ridiculously warm here in Massachusetts- with temperatures soaring into the high 60s/low 70s- which is just warm enough to melt all of the snow that accumulated in an overnight storm that blew through the area on Saturday/Sunday. I always say that New England weather is crazy- and the past 4-5 days are proof of it! We went from Winter to Spring in a matter of hours! I feel like Punxsutawney Phil may have been a little off with his prediction this past Groundhog Day.

My weekend was refreshingly laid back. Although I had wanted to venture out to NYC- the aforementioned storm caused a bit of delay- but I also really wanted (and needed) a weekend to decompress after traveling so much since New Years. I’m not complaining, of course- but going back and forth, to and from the West Coast- can really take a lot out of you! It was nice to just sleep in, catch up on e-mails (and my DVR) and eat some takeout in my sweatpants for a couple of long, lazy afternoons.

When I did venture out- it wasn’t to do anything too crazy. I had a board game night with friends on Saturday just before the snow first started to Fall, and on Sunday- once the roads were clear- I took a long and scenic drive through the back roads of Western Massachusetts, eventually winding my way up towards Vermont where I grabbed dinner and some fresh air.

Monday was my day for errands as I prepared to return to work yesterday morning, but I’d also managed to meet up with my friend Stef later on in the evening- who is in the midst of planning her wedding this coming Fall- for dinner, video games, and catching up.

Overall, despite making it a point to pencil in some “me” time to do absolutely nothing except relax- I’d managed to accomplish quite a lot!

Year of The Dog (2/16/18)

And so did Oliver- who helped me ring in the Lunar New Year at the end of last week. Year of The Dog, indeed!

Later on this week, I have a pretty big announcement about plans I’m hoping will come to fruition mid-Autumn- so I’m pretty excited to talk about that. But until then, here’s hoping we can all make it through this week- short as it is for some- and get ready for this weekend!


– Ashley –

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