POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review: December 2017

Good Morning, everyone! I hope you’re all surviving your week and are hanging in there until this coming weekend arrives. Today marks the first day of my pre-Christmas Vacation-Vacation, so I’ll be out and about running errands and finishing up the last of my holiday shopping and gift-wrapping today. I’m pretty excited to get it done!

Before I head off, though- I wanted to share what was in my recently received POPSUGAR “Must Have” Box- which is actually going to be my last box from the company for a while. That’s not to say I don’t simply adore POPSUGAR or enjoy everything they send me- but in an effort to save some money and make more room around my place for things as part of a resolution I’ve developed for 2018- I am briefly halting my subscription following this month’s assortment of items.

Since this month’s box marked the final one not only for myself, but for 2017- I know POPSUGAR were going to go all out to make sure it was memorable.

This month’s themes/inspirations tied into the holiday season/New Year celebration, and included: COZY, GIVING, SPARKLING, TRADITIONS, WARMTH and CELEBRATE.

Alright- let’s see what I got!

Winter is the time of year where I have to show my skin a little extra TLC to keep it from getting dried out when the temperatures drop- and part of that process is making sure I exfoliate regularly. That being said, when I saw this pretty big container of body scrub by LALICIOUS in this month’s “Must Have” Box- I was ecstatic.

Not only is this stuff not harsh at all against my skin (it’s pretty gentle- but effective!)— but it makes me smell like a freshly baked sugar cookie and I am ALL about that this time of year!

I’m kind of a Pier 1 junkie- and most of my home decor is proof of that- but even I was unaware that the company made cocktail-inspired candles. It’s a pretty pleasant surprise- especially since the Moscow Mule one I received in this month’s collection of items is both eerily spot-on in terms of fragrance (and mouthwatering!) but is also super long-lasting and pretty potent.

Now to collect them all…

Out of all the items I received from POPSUGAR this month, this gorgeous gold and crystal bar necklace from Chloe + Isabel might be my favorite. It’s so sparkly, elegant, eye-catching and fun to wear- and it ties together even the most simple or subtle of ensembles.

I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of wear out of this during the coming holiday parties and New Year’s Eve!

No POPSUGAR box is complete without something I can gift to others- and in this month’s “Must Have” Box- I knew my cousin (who just moved into her very first apartment) would get a kick out of this set of four sparkly acrylic coasters from BaubleBar– which resemble a party dress I wore to New York City a few years ago- as well as about several nail polish shades I still actively wear today.

I digress- these are cute and fun and I know she’s going to make good use of them when she has her friends from her sorority over!

I just need to start this off by saying that this thin, sparkly scarf by TILO is priced at $98. Yes, you read that right. $98. I was almost worried to wear it at first for fear it would get snagged on something or have something spilled on it- but once I put it on I couldn’t take it off because it looked and felt so lovely.

I think one of my favorite things about this scarf, apart from the subtle little rhinestones sewn in throughout it- is that the colors match nearly everything in my wardrobe. I can wear this around my neck with any outfit and it will still look chic and festive. I’m in love!

How cute is this set of “FOR YOU” universal gift tags from ASHKAHN? This year I’m really trying to be unique and special with my gift-wrapping instead of just using the same patterned paper and ribbons/bows for everyone- and I thought these tags would be a nice touch to really help my packages stand out when I make the rounds on Christmas Eve to drop off presents for my family and friends!

Snack time! I split this sugar-cookie flavored chocolate bar from Wild Ophelia right away after I’d spotted it- and it was 100% worth the indulgence. Made with natural ingredients, these gluten-free treats taste as good as the packaging looks- and the company who manufactures them focus their profits on providing grants for girls/women with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Delicious chocolate AND they help women excel? I think I’ve found a new favorite candy company.

And finally- some digital loot (and I’ve blocked out the code on one of them!) The first, a $10 off of any purchase from Pier 1 in-store/online voucher, and the second- a 20% voucher for LALICIOUS.

I have a feeling I’ll be stocking up on body scrub and candles over the next few days!

This was another hit from POPSUGAR, and probably one of the best boxes I’ve seen since I first subscribed to the service a few years ago to perfectly close out the year. I’m going to miss POPSUGAR’s monthly surprises- and I hope to re-subscribe someday soon- but I had a great run and I highly recommend it to anyone who can fit it into their budget!

And with that all being shared- I’m off to buy Christmas presents! Have a great day, everyone!


– Ashley –

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