POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review: October 2017

Happy Almost Friday, everyone! I had wanted to publish this post yesterday to stay on my blogging schedule- but no sooner had I sat down on my bed after a very long day at work on Tuesday when I pretty much just fell asleep right then and there and didn’t wake up until it was time to head back to my office again yesterday morning! Gotta’ love those curveballs being sleepy can throw you sometimes.

I digress. I’m excited to share what I received in this month’s POPSUGAR “Must Have” Box. I’ve stated in the past that the Fall boxes are some of my favorites to receive- so when I saw a couple of spoilers for October’s- it couldn’t arrive at my doorstep fast enough!

Funnily enough given Tuesday afternoon/night’s impromptu coma I slipped into- October’s themes/inspirations were pretty fitting: DREAMY, SLUMBER, SLEEP, DE-STRESS, COZY and BEDTIME were the words/ideas this month’s box were shaped around- so consider me ready to dive right into it!

I’ve actually been in need of a new sleep mask since the elastic on my most recent one broke, so this cotton, light-blocking one from Perpetual Shade came just in time. I love how soft and lightweight the fabric is, because it makes it so much more comfortable to sleep in- and the “Dream On” writing across the front is really cute.

I’m sure I’ll snap a selfie with this on soon (of course)!

Keeping up with the eye pampering, I really love under-eye patches- especially when I travel or after a long, exhausting day- so I was thrilled to get a set of 5 overnight gel patches from Patchology in this month’s “Must Have” Box. These patches in particular are supposed to soften, hydrate, smooth and brighten the eye area, which raises the question- can I have one big patch to just cover my entire face in right now?

I love Jack + Lucy products, even though they apparently don’t have an official website which would make it so much more convenient to buy their stuff- but I digress- this black and white striped pillow and blanket duo gives me serious Beetlejuice vibes while keeping me warm and cozy at night. They’re really cute.

I’ve been curling up with these while I binge-watch “The Walking Dead” episodes for the 2,000th time leading up to this weekend’s premiere!

I’ll never say no to a lovely-scented body wash- so this white tea and honeysuckle one from Lollia Life is a welcomed treat in my shower! Loaded with shea butter and avocado oil- this wash not only gets your skin squeaky clean- but it deeply hydrates and leaves a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance, too!

Time for the snacks! POPSUGAR actually included a couple of bonus items in this month’s box, as well- but these double chocolate brownies from Nature’s Bakery were part of the planned collection of items- and they are delicious! Sweetened with natural ingredients, like dates instead of a ton of sugar- these are a guilt-free treat I can enjoy at work or on-the-go!

So the first bonus item in this month’s “Must Have” box was this container of toasted coconut and almond overnight oats from Quaker. I’ve been getting really into the overnight oats thing- especially because a lot of mornings can be rushed and hectic- but with these, you just pour milk in them before you tuck yourself in for the evening, store them in your fridge overnight- and then enjoy them in the a.m.! How simple (and tasty) is that?

The second bonus item was this 6-pack of Donut Shop K-Cups! I have a Keurig (and it’s a lifesaver)– so free coffee is always appreciated. Although Donut Shop can taste a little bland in my opinion, I usually spice it up with a some flavored creamer or a pinch of cinnamon- so I can work with this for sure!

The third bonus item is this mini, spray-on version of Aquaphor’s new aerosol moisturizer. With Winter comes colder temperatures here in New England, and with colder temperatures comes dry skin- so I have a feeling I’ll be getting plenty of use out of this in the coming weeks now that Fall’s briskness is starting to feel a little more, well, brisk.

For digital goodies this month- POPSUGAR included two vouchers, one for 50% off of any Keurig Coffee Maker, and another for $10 off of any order of $50 or more at Lollia Life. I’m going to replacing my coffee maker soon since I have an older model that’s starting to give out on me- so both of these will find use very, very shortly!

And finally, POPSUGAR included a $30 gift card to Framebridge- which I’m especially excited about because it’s going to come in handy for the Christmas present I have planned for my mom this year! The frames offered by the company are customized- which makes framing your photos and artwork super convenient.

Another home run from POPSUGAR this month! I really enjoyed each of the products and- as usual- they fit the theme/inspirations really, really well. I’ll be using everything I received- if I haven’t done so already!

Enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend, everyone! I’ll be back to posting regularly next Monday!


– Ashley –

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