OOTD: SoCal Smolder

Since I was only spending 24 hours in San Diego this past weekend- I didn’t pack much- just enough necessities to fit inside a backpack (like my makeup, my phone charger, and a fresh change of clothes for my flight home.) It wasn’t until I was actually in town and realized that I needed something a bit dressier and something I HADN’T spent 5 hours cramped onto an airplane in to wear for my plans on Saturday night- and I made it a point to make a quick pit-stop at the closest shopping center in order to pick up a new outfit to add to my wardrobe.

When it comes to going out in Southern California- I tend to dress a bit more on the provocative side- but without crossing the line into inappropriate territory. Mini skirts with a cute blouse and nice, dressy sandals? A sleeveless maxi dress with stiletto heels? Short shorts with a tattered band t-shirt and funky sneakers? I’ve worn ’em all at various points out West- so I opted for something a bit different this time around in this black and floral printed back-less, frilly mini-dress.

I love the cut of this dress. It shows off my arms, my legs, and just enough of my back to leave something to the imagination- and the fabric is so light and breezy that I was comfortable and confident the whole night I was wearing it. I picked up a long, black quarter-sleeve cardigan to wear over it, too- just in case the night got a little chilly while I was in San Diego (thankfully, it didn’t)– and also so I could get away with wearing this dress to work, too.

It’s definitely office-friendly in the front, but in the back? Not so much- so a light sweater is definitely a must.

I played up my pale and otherwise bare neck area with a red acrylic and faux-diamond studded statement necklace that I got on sale in a small boutique in Horton Plaza while I stopped in the area to get a caffeine fix and a blow-out for my hair. I wanted something to match the red flowers in the dress.

The necklace came with a pair of ruby red teardrop earrings, as well- but I skipped over wearing those since I was keeping my hair down for the evening and my hair always hides my ears. I’m saving them for a special occasion!

And finally, I wore sneakers to and from San Diego- which simply would not do with a dress this cute- so I grabbed an inexpensive pair of pointed, buckle-strap flats to tie everything together since I knew there was no way I’d be able to walk properly in high heels at a music venue or at a bar. These worked out perfectly- since they were both comfortable and practical- and I’ve been sporting these since I got back with jeans and t-shirts. I feel like they give me a sort of rocker edge without being too dramatic. They’re just the right amount of eye-catching!

Someday I’d love to do a list compiling all of my Summer dresses- although it would take forever since I have so many at the moment- and now I have one more in my collection thanks to this vacay-purchase gone right. I love this outfit, especially since I had pieced it together last minute- and I can’t wait to wear it again now that I’m back home!


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