Pre-Flight Primark Haul

Whenever I go on vacation- particularly when it requires flying anywhere for more than a couple of days- I try to pack light and dress as comfortably as possible.

I used to be the type of woman who would wear my best outfit and a full face of makeup on the plane so I’d arrive at my destination looking radiant and ready- but when your flight leaves at 5 a.m. and you have to be at the airport by 3 a.m. to make sure your luggage gets checked and you get through security in time- perfectly blended eye shadow and killer heels aren’t exactly a priority.

I leave for San Diego bright and early this coming Saturday morning- and while I was out taking care of some last minute errands before my trip- I stopped by Primark to pick up a few airport and cozy night out essentials so I could truly relax (while still looking cute) en route to my piece of Southern California paradise, while I was there and enjoying some down time with friends- and on my way back home to Boston.

Here’s what I picked upĀ (and the prices were a steal!)

If I’m going to be in a seated position for a long time, then I just want to be comfortable. I want lightweight, breathable fabrics and nothing with zippers, buttons, or constrictive waist and/or bust lines. I grabbed a couple of pairs (navy blue and gray) of looser-fitting sweatpants to wear on my flight to California and on my flight home- and paired them with two oversized cotton t-shirts (pink and blue) so that I can nap and eat my airline peanuts in peace and not get off the plane feeling like garbage.

I also have mastered the art of making my way through the TSA- and rather than have to struggle with unbuckling or unzipping boots or strappy heels- I opted for a pair of navy blue memory foam lined slip-on sneakers to wear to/from the airport, instead. They match my sweatpants and t-shirts perfectly- and I can wear them with my jeans while I’m in San Diego, too!

While I’m in California, I will undoubtedly be out in the sun and hitting the beach- but I still need something to throw on at night if and when the temperatures drop a little. I grabbed these two black and white striped tops to throw on over my bikini when I head out with friends and hit some of our favorite bars in the area.

I like that I can wear these to work once I’m back on the East Coast, too!

And finally- at a sale price of $10- I couldn’t resist this leopard print faux-fur coat. I just couldn’t! I imagine pairing this with black leggings or skinny jeans and knee-high boots in my future when I’m back in Massachusetts- or wearing it to an upcoming trip to NYC I have planned ala Edie Sedgwick while I run wild in Manhattan. It’s definitely going to make an appearance in an upcoming OOTD post!

Not pictured are some socks, panties and a navy blue cardigan I had also picked up to replace one I’d lost a few weeks ago.

I spent just under $70 for everything- which is just one of the many reasons I love Primark so much.

The only thing left to do now is pack and run through my travel itinerary again before I up and leave- but first- I have to finish up some things at my office!

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!


– Ashley –