OOTD: Keeping Up with the Addams-es…

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I’ve been a firecracker of productivity this week- slaying at work and getting all sorts of things done post-office before I eventually fall asleep at night. I had said before that October tends to be a busier-than-usual-month for me, what with all the Halloween-related festivities and all- and this year is no exception to that tradition. It feels like I’ve been going non-stop!

After work tonight, some friends from the office and I will be venturing down to Rhode Island to enjoy some hard cider and see a famous annual Jack-O-Lantern exhibit I haven’t been able to make it to in a couple of years- so I’m pretty excited. It’s a fitting event for the final days before Halloween.

But today I thought I’d share one of my coziest, warmest, and potentially spooky ensembles I wore earlier this week to work. Between the over-sized black and white sweater and matching socks- a friend who had recently seen me try this on in my apartment joked that I looked like Wednesday Addams. I think it may be a combination of her and Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice”- but either way- it’s super comfy.

I wish I could remember exactly where I got this sweater from, but knowing me- I think I can safely assume it was Primark and I was probably getting ready to go on a trip or something when I bought it!

And the faux-leather boots are from Vera Wang. They’re super comfortable, match well with anything and everything- and have a bit of a chunky heel on them that gives me a little height and makes my posture look much better than it normally does when I’m standing/walking.

I’ll be back on Friday with some photos from tonight’s festivities before we break for the weekend and I take some time to put the finishing touches on my Halloween costume(s). I’m very, very excited to share them with you all!

But until then- enjoy your “Hump Day” and stay warm and spooky out there!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Lady In Red…

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone!

What a weekend it’s been. One of my longtime and dearest friends tied the knot on Saturday night in one of the most fun ceremonies and celebrations I’ve ever had the fortune of attending (and I’ll have photos from the night up a little later on this week!)– and yesterday, a day that was supposed to be for rest and some self-care- was instead spent at an Urgent Care veterinarian’s office after Oliver sustained a back injury and needed to be checked out.

He’s thankfully okay (it was a strain/sprain and he’s on some anti-inflammation medication to alleviate his symptoms while he recovers)– but my nerves were shot. Once I’d had a chance to come home, shower, and unwind- it took me no time at all to succumb to exhaustion and fall asleep.

And now here I am, at work for another week. Sigh.

Before I launch into my e-mails, voicemails, and caseload for the week- I wanted to share the beautiful, Autumn-appropriate dress I wore to the aforementioned wedding this past weekend, first!

Red is a bold color I never shied away from- my hair was a fire engine red hue for a good several years, after all- and I knew with how bold and exciting my circle of friends are that donning a red dress in a church wouldn’t be frowned upon by them.

I opted for this fitted, quarter-length sleeved red dress that stopped just above my knee and was accentuated with a thin red tie around the waist to break up the simplicity of the fabric. I was covered- perfect for a formal occasion- but was still comfortable when it came time to throw back a couple of drinks and some wedding cake come the time of the reception!

And while more than one female guest ended up taking their heels off by the end of the night- I was able to stay standing in these black velvet, buckled ankle booties with a chunky heel to give me some height and some support. I haven’t really had a chance to wear these out because of all the rain we’ve been having- so I’m glad it was nice out by the time it came ready to head on over to the church!

I turned my convertible faux-snakeskin bag into a clutch for the evening, and the gray and black really played well against the dress, the boots, and my newly acquired dark gray manicure- which really pulled the whole look together for me.

I’m looking forward to getting some more wear out of this dress now that the holidays will be approaching soon- since the red will be pretty festive and the simple style of the dress will be easy enough to doll up or down depending on the event. This one is a keeper, for sure!

But I’ve got a lot of work to do- and this week is going to be another busy one I need to stay on top of- so I’m heading out to get things done before I can even stop and think about getting some much-needed rest and relaxation!

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful start to your week and a terrific few days ahead before we reach another weekend!


– Ashley –

Favorites: October 2018!

Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone! Especially my fellow Red Sox fans! What a series!

And so begins another work week- the repetition thankfully being broken up by Halloween and kicking off November in style. While I’ll divulge the details of my wild and fun weekend a little later on this week (as well as re-cap the month of October overall in my scheduled “In a Nutshell” post)– I thought I’d take time in-between catching up on work at my office and recovering from one of twelve flus/nanoviruses going around New England like wildfire as of late and share some of my favorite products, items, odds & ends from this past month.

Despite my current sniffle and scratchy throat- which is thankfully improving after some much-needed rest and relaxation last night (and some NyQuil)– October was a month I tried to practice more self care. That included drinking more water, getting more fresh air, and updating my skincare products/regimen to make sure I was staying hydrated from head to toe. Many of this month’s favorites are items that reflect those efforts!

As always, I’ll start with the things I was able to photograph before I jump into some of the miscellaneous things that were a little trickier to capture with my camera!

When Bath & Body Works had their buy three- get three free sale this past month, I took the opportunity to stock up on some of their Fall-inspired skincare line- including pumpkin/apple/cinnamon-scented scrubs, lotions, creams and perfumes.

I’ve been using these products daily and my skin has never looked or felt better- which is definitely appreciated since it’s been chilly and rainy these past few weeks and I’ve been able to avoid letting my skin get dull or dry as we gradually transition from the Fall to the Winter.

Also? Smelling like a pumpkin pie? I’m loving that!

Bath & Body Works have recently started promoting their holiday line- and the buy three-get three free sale is presently up and running if anyone is looking for some good deals or gifts for family/friends!

If I’m going to indulge my skin in some serious care- then I wanted to make sure my hair was being well taken care of, as well. Lately I’ve been loving all sorts of products from Kevin Murphy– but this detoxifying shampoo might be one of my favorites. I use this once a week, massaging it into my scalp and down to the ends of my curls and letting it sit for a minute or two before I rinse- and my hair feels squeaky clean without dryness or frizz. The non-lathering formula melts away product and chemical buildup at the root, while softening and conditioning the ends.

Of course, not every day can be a good hair day- and while I’ve been seeing a lot of beanies and knitwear around lately- I’ve opted for this navy blue beret, embellished with tiny gold stars, instead. It easily matches most of the pieces in my Fall wardrobe- especially my flannel shirts and sweaters- and it’s just so cute!

Finally, I love boot season- and with a couple of Fall weddings coming up over the next few weeks- I’ve wanted to stay seasonal and comfortable on and off the dance floor. I’ve been loving these tan, suede booties with a wooden block heel from Primark lately- which are also super easy to incorporate into both my casual AND dressy wardrobe- and are insanely comfy, too!

And that’s it for the photogenic products/items- but I’ve got a couple of other things that made this month’s list, too!


‘Halloween’ – Of course the holiday itself is one of my favorites, but I’m talking about the sequel to the horror-movie of the same name. As a kid, the only horror movie “baddie” who ever truly scared me was Michael Myers. He didn’t have corny one-liners like Freddy Krueger and he didn’t get blasted off into space ala Jason Voorhees.

No, Michael has always stayed the same- silent and ruthless- even through some questionable sequels/re-makes. But, thankfully, the most recent installment in the film franchise brings things back around full circle in a truly terrifying way. It’s just so damned good!


‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ – Even though this game has only been out for a couple of days, my friends and I have been having a free-for-all of a good time playing it. I don’t think we’ve accomplished any of the missions successfully since we keep getting sidetracked- but the graphics and the gameplay thus far are pretty incredible and it was well worth the wait for it to finally be released!


Idle Hands Brewing: Undead Red – I first tasted this bright red sour this past Saturday at Indie617’s ‘Boos & Brews’ party at Idle Hands‘ place in Malden- and I was hooked. Infused with fruit and with a cherry aftertaste, this beer was delicious- paired wonderfully with chocolate- and wasn’t too potent for a lightweight like me. I’m a big fan, and will more than likely dropping by this weekend at some point to have a bit more.

And I think that does it for my October favorites! I’ll have a recap of this past month up and running on Wednesday morning before I pass out candy to the Trick-Or-Treaters and get ready to jump-start November!

Until then, though- I’ve got to get some work done. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!


– Ashley –

OOTD: New Metal

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone!

After what proved to be a pretty busy week- I’m so excited to have a low-key, chill weekend ahead of me. Tonight marks my bi-weekly dinner with my mom, brothers, sister-in-laws, and niece- and tomorrow night I’m kicking it with friends for a quiet-night in to enjoy some pizza, drinks, pajamas and horror movies. All of this is leading up to Sunday night’s season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ (I’m already terrified…) before Monday’s big ‘Patriot’s Day’ festivities here in Boston.

I’m hoping the weather stays sunny and somewhat warm- not only for those running the Boston Marathon on Monday- but for those of who who are going to be watching (and in my case, brunching) from the sidelines, too!

But before we break for a blissful few days off- I wanted to showcase an eccentric piece I’ve had in my closet for a while now and recently took out to wear once it actually started to feel like Spring around here. This ribbed, calf-length and rose gold metallic skirt is such a fun thing to sport with confidence- especially since it can easily be paired with blouses, button-ups, or in my case- tucked tank tops (not pictured: a black cardigan) and some over-sized rose gold sunglasses.

The muted metallic color of the skirt, as well as the texture of the fabric is so neat looking. It catches the light with every movement- but there’s a silky soft lining and an elastic waistband- so I stay comfortable and can move freely and without restriction in it during the day. The length is perfect, too- since I can wear it to the office or out to dinner and still look on point.

Plus, given the season- pinks and rose tones just feel so lovely and appropriate right now.

Since it’s been raining on/off a bit here lately, I wore some high-heeled, buckled black boots with the skirt this time around to keep my feet from getting wet in case I encountered any puddles during walks to/from my car- which always happens, no matter how careful I am- whenever I wear flats.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think they gave this outfit a bit of an edgy kick to it- and in colder temperatures I might accentuate that edginess a bit more with a leather jacket or some studded jewelry.

I twirled, spun, and strutted around my office in this thing- and of course took my runway moves to the streets once I’d left work for the day and opted to run some errands while I was still looking and feeling fabulous. I can’t wait to bust this one out again when it’s a little dryer out and I can wear open-toed heels or wedge sandals with it and not have to worry about getting my pedicure wet in the rain!

But I am going to wrap up this Friday’s case load at my job and head on over to my family’s house to eat, drink and be merry. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend- and I’ll see you all again on Monday!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Witchy Woman

I’ve owned this little black, back-less dress since high school- where I first wore it to a Honor Society dinner and caused quite a commotion when some of the teachers in attendance (and a few of my more conservative peers) thought that the cut of it was a little too risque for a formal event. At the time- I was offered a cardigan to cover up with.

It still fits perfectly, but since then- I typically only wear this out and about around Halloween- since it has a bit of a “witchy” vibe to it. Sure, a lot of it may be because of the way that I dress it up with black leggings/tights, knee-high boots, my go-to wide-brimmed hat and a piece of spooky statement jewelry- but I think the way the fitted bodice transforms into layers of tulle cut at different lengths has something to do with it, too. There’s just something about the silhouette this gives me that makes me feel like I just stepped out of a scene from “The Craft”.

And I always show off my back in it. No more cardigans for me!

For not having usual straps (the ones on this little number wrap around my shoulders at the most peculiar angle and in the oddest way)– this dress is still pretty comfortable. It’s been warm and humid outside in recent weeks- so it was nice to have something so light and breezy to walk around in, like during this past weekend while I was out with some friends and taking some photographs up at my favorite haunt- pun intended- Medfield State Hospital. The eerie scenery had me feeling especially festive.

And for that aforementioned spooky statement jewelry? I knew right away I wanted to wear my blackened steel Edgar Allan Poe pendant necklace from Fable and Fury– a gift from years ago that I still absolutely love and wear all the time throughout the month of October. Paired with a oxblood red lipstick and a smoldering smoky eye? You’ve got a bewitching look that can be pulled off effortlessly during post-office cocktails AND that Halloween party you were invited to and forgot about until the last possible second.

I’m so ready to rock this again this coming weekend- but I’ve got a few more tricks (and treats) in my closet that I’m just DYING to share, too!

Okay, I’ll stop with the bad Halloween puns. I promise.

We’re almost near the weekend, everyone! Hang in there!


– Ashley –