OOTD: All Tied Up

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Two of my favorite trends from my childhood/teens have made a comeback for Summer 2019- and I couldn’t be more excited to revisit them (sadly, I’m still waiting for butterfly clips to return in all their glittery glory.)

I’m talking about neon and tie-dye- which often go hand in hand. While I’ve been sporting some pretty bold glow-in-the-dark shades on my nails, my eyes and with my accessories as of late- this tie-dye dress has been sitting in my closet for years. The last time I wore it was on a trip to the Cape in my mid-twenties- and I still have the photos of me posing with my friends on the beach while I had it on to prove it!

I can’t remember where I bought this dress, unfortunately- but if I had to take a guess I’d say it was probably up at one of the local beach-side boardwalk shops and I more than likely grabbed it because I desperately needed something with some color to it in my wardrobe for a spur of the moment event/party.

Now that tie-dye is officially having another moment I can wear it again without shame- and I’m so glad it still fits properly and comfortably!

Also, I’m loving the “blink and you’ll miss it” hearts that are printed along the bottom/side. They can easily get lost in all the bright hues mixed together- but they are there!

As usual, I paired this dress with my bright pink floral sandals from MODCLOTH and finished off the look with a pop of neon green eyeliner from FENTY. I feel bright, cheerful, fun and Summer-y in this dress- and I am going to be living in it until tie-dye eventually fizzles out and is replaced by the next resurgence of a long-forgotten trend.

And I’m going to enjoy every second of it while I do!

Before we break for the weekend in a few days, I’ve got a really fun, super tasty- and totally chill- dessert recipe to share on Friday. Until then- it’s off to work/meetings/appointments!

Enjoy your “Hump Day”, everyone!


– Ashley –

OOTD: Lovely Lace

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday, everyone!

With warmer days coming- and more importantly, staying- I think it’s safe to say Spring is finally here! I’ve slowly but surely been leaving my heavy wool coat at home in the mornings when I leave for work- and instead reach for a cardigan that comes off by the time 2 p.m. rolls around the the temperatures are soaring for a few hours.

I’m ecstatic, as Spring of course means it won’t be too long until Summer is here again and I can start wearing shorts and head to the beach more often!

But for now, as to not rush things- I’ve been enjoying wearing some of the more colorful, feminine fabrics and finds in my closet. This vintage lace dress I had picked up years ago at a thrift store outside the city for a garden party I was attending in New York one weekend is a long-time favorite of mine. It’s lightweight, frilly, comfortable, and easy to pair with pretty much anything.

When I wore this the other day to work and then immediately to a post-office dinner, I paired it with thin black leggings and black lace ballet flats- because it is still April, after all- and going bare-legged after 6 p.m. in New England in Spring is either hit or miss. You either end up fine, or shivering uncontrollably. The leggings seemed like a good preventative choice- just in case.

But apart from how fun, classic and comfortable the cut and the loose fit of dress is- it’s the lace and crochet work that just screams “Spring!” to me.

Here’s a couple of closeups of the detailing along the skirt and the sleeves:

And even though I wasn’t at Coachella this year- I feel like this would be a great festival ensemble, as well. Boston Calling isn’t that far away, though- so maybe I’ll break this out again in a few weeks to wear while I’m dancing/singing along to some of my favorite artists on the lineup!

Later on this week I’ve got some pre-Easter prep to share before we break for the weekend and the holiday and I head up to Vermont to retrieve some of my family members who will be joining the festivities. Until then, though- I’ve got plenty to do at my office today and some much-needed sleep to catch up on tonight!

See you all on Friday, everyone! Enjoy your “Hump Day!”


– Ashley –

OOTD: Bohemian Like You

One of my dearest friends from California is legitimately Bohemian. I’m not talking in terms of style or an unconventional attitude (although he is a musician)– but in the sense that his family were/are from Bohemia prior to it becoming part of the Czech Republic. So, whenever I hear people describe something- be it fashion or home decor- as “bohemian”, I always think of him and how he doesn’t dress anything at all like how BoHo-inspired clothing or accessories are designed.

Case in point- these loose-fitting, high-waist baggy pants I wore this past weekend while running errands and grabbing coffee with friends. I had initially bought these a couple of years ago while shopping for a weekend beach trip where I had wanted something breezy and comfortable to wear when I wasn’t on the sand but didn’t want to throw on jeans- and they’ve been a Summertime staple of mine ever since.

A woman at the cafe I’d popped into for a latte remarked that I looked “very bohemian”. A compliment, of course- but I just thought I looked impossibly comfortable given the heat outside.

I didn’t do anything to dress up these pants, since the pattern is pretty bold all on it’s own. Instead, I just wore a white tank top and my brown suede moccasins (a purchase I made for a cross-country flight to Vegas a couple of years ago and they’ve held up superbly ever since!) which goes well with my brown, faux-leather cross-body saddle bag. It was all about lightweight fabrics, comfortable cuts, and convenience, after all!

For jewelry (since I do love to sport a unique piece now and then)– I turned to a matching necklace and bracelet set crafted from stainless steel pebble-shapes threaded together with smoky quartz of different shapes/colors. I’m still in the experimental phases when it comes to using the healing power of crystals- mainly because I don’t know which ones would benefit me the most- but these looked pretty and had me feeling good about my look for the day, which works enough for me!

Final touches included my round, vintage, blue/green mirrored sunglasses and a swipe of my current favorite orange/coral Maybelline lipstick to brighten up my otherwise minimally made-up face (BB cream and highlighter are my only two necessities in the hot weather!)

Overall I thought this was a very Summery, laid-back, lounge-appropriate ensemble that could also double as fun Festival wear since it wasn’t overtly complicated and super comfortable- even when I was under the sun for a few hours!

And now with it being Monday and my day being filled with phone calls, e-mails, reviewing paperwork and a scheduled company luncheon a little later on this afternoon- I’ve got to dive into my work bright and early this morning.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a (hopefully!) great week. Let’s push through to this upcoming weekend together! We can do it!


– Ashley –